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Employee of the month for August – Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson

A big surprise to Danny Johnson who has been awarded the Employee Of The Month for August. We are excited to announce that Danny has only been with our company for a few months now and he has showed all of us a better side to our business. With his genuine incentives that he offers every employee, he is truly a great inspiration to us all.

Danny Johnson is our Cash Advance Specialist. He assists every one of our customers with one of the most important services that we provide. He ensures that our policy is enforced as well as maintains all of the employees that handle Cash Advances. He constantly performs on the highest level of customer service that could be offered. We can not thank him enough.

Again we would like to say Congratulations on your award. You deserve it!

Employee of the month for July – Menessa Cooxsey

Menessa Cooxsey

Menessa Cooxsey

Congratulations to Menessa Cooxsey for being chosen as our Employee Of The Month for July. Menessa has truly provided our company with several years of experience as a Marketing Specialist. She is a true benefit to us and we Thank You for that.

Menessa was hired as our Marketing Specialist just after we started our company. She has done a wonderful job promoting our company and providing the proper information to other businesses regarding the services that our company has to offer. She had made a difference in all of our eyes.

Once again, we Congratulate you Menessa! Way to go!

Employee of the month for June – Tim Wong

Tim Wong

Tim Wong

We would like to announce that Tim Wong is Employee Of The Month for June. Tim has shown us that he can perform duties that go above and beyond his job here at Nashville Payday Loan Solution. He is a very reliable employee and a great asset to this company. Congratulations!

Let us tell you a little bit of Tim. Tim Wong is the Senior Manager for our Payday Loans division. His job entitles several duties but making sure that every individual who applies for a Payday Loan is guaranteed to walk away with money in their wallet, is his number one priority. Tim takes his position here very serious which is why we have promoted him to Senior Manager.

Once again, Congratulations Tim!

Employee of the month for May – Tom Elwood

Tom Elwood

Tom Elwood

A very big Congratulations to Tom Elwood. He is now our Employee Of The Month for May. His work ethics have gone above and beyond his job duties which is what made our management team choose him. He always provides every employee and customer great attitude and personal happiness. You an tell that he wears in heart on his sleeve and that is what makes a good employee great.

Tom was promoted to a Manager position recently after he showed up how well he delegates with his employees. He ensures that every employee is performing their job duties correctly. He takes pride in our company and maintains that all of employees are providing our customers with only the highest customer service possible. He is a great addition to our management team.

We would like to Congratulate you again on becoming this months star employee.